Beta's non-allergenic Potato Recipe
Recipe for dogs who are allergic to rice or wheat.

From the Holistic Dog List: My Huskies aren't crazy about rice, but they seem to like potatoes. I got the idea when I was talking to a vet tech about Cerbie's wheat allergy, and she pointed out the kibble they sell for allergies (potatoes and fish).

I think the fat that you cook with makes a lot of difference in whether they eat it or not. I generally use butter or goose fat (we have a goose at Thanksgiving and another at Christmas, they're incredibly fatty birds which yield enough grease for months of cooking).
This can obviously also be eaten by people, and I do...but with some ammendment to the meat portion.Another option is to buy pasta and use this as the carbohydrate base.
There are quite a few non-wheat, non-corn pastas available, and my dogs also seem to prefer these to straight-up grains. I can usually sneak in some amount of cooked grain, as long as it is "mashed" into the rest of the food. I also supplement with canned non-allergic dog-foods (Azmira Ostrich and Emu, Wellness Duck and Sweet Potato), a good place to mash in grain, and usually throw in some non-allergic kibble...the dogs seem to like the crunch in their meals.


3 or 4 smallish potatoes, diced
4 kale leaves, shredded
1 medium carrot, julienne strips
4 shitake mushrooms, small pieces

Saute carrot, kale leaves, mushroom pieces in a good fat (I use goose fat or butter). Add potato pieces and cook at low heat until potatoes are thoroughly done.
I add meat at the end, since we're into "raw." Either organic beef, just warmed up, or pieces of fish (which I cook fully), or organic chicken guts (liver, hearts, gizzard....I cook the liver a little to firm up the outside but leave the inside raw...the Huskies don't seem to like totally raw liver)