Satin Balls - Page 3


10 lbs Regular Ground Beef (cheapest you can find)
1 454 G package of Wheat Germ
2 lbs Oatmeal
10 whole eggs (hard boiled)
1-1/4 cups Canola oil
10 packages Gelatin
1-1/4 cup Molasses
pinch Salt
1 Tsp Minced Garlic

*note* The mixture will be very stiff and hard to manage if you try and
do it all in one bunch. Even dividing in half can be tiresome so you may
want to divide into smaller lots for ease of preparation.

Mix Wheat Germ, Garlic and Salt together
Add Gelatin and mix
Divide in half
Split Oatmeal into 2 1 lb lots and cook until done
Shell eggs, and chop in food processor (including shells)
Divide in half

Add one half of the Wheat Germ mix, one half of the eggs and one half of the molasses to a bowl or processor. Add one half of the oil and mix
well. Set aside and do the same with the second half.

Gradually add one batch of the Wheat Germ mix to one batch of the oatmeal, mix well. Gradually add one half of the hamburger to the mix and combine well. Repeat with the second batch of ingredients.

Roll into balls, or mould into bars. Put a layer of wax paper on a cookie sheet.
Arrange balls or bars on sheet and put in the freezer until hard. Put in freezer bags and take out and thaw as needed. Makes about 14 bags of bars
(4 approx 1/4 lb to a bag)

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