Dogs almost always get Type I (juvenile) diabetes. They need insulin. Cats and 90% of human diabetics are Type II. Type II can often be controlled with diet and lifestyle changes. Insulin may or not be needed.

www.imom.org has a fund to help with expenses sometimes. (As most things like this, the demand outpaces the supply.)


Acidophilus - Available at local health food stores. Give two capsules per meal and especially after each wet poop. Continue for up to ten days after antibiotics and other meds.. until stool firms then slowly reduce dosage.
It has all the good bacteria/flora/fauna normally found in the intestinal tract that is killed off by antibiotics in both humans and dogs.
Greatest traveler's' remedy and beats all over the counter stuff. Acidophilus is much stronger than yogurt but contains the same ingredients. Take it as preventative when in Mexico and you won't suffer from Montezuma's Revenge.
Don't forget
Pedialyte for dehydration - available in the baby food section to replace electrolytes lost due to diarrhea and/or flu.

From reader e-mail: Pumpkin.  Yep...the canned stuff that we use to make pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.  I keep it in my pantry just in case my Shepherds (very sensitive stomachs) have a bout of diarrhea.  If they have mucus in their diarrhea I also give them acidophilus.  It works like a charm!

Itching Ears, Oozing, Odorous

From list e-mails: "I clean my dogs' ears regularly with Hydrogen Peroxide... I just drip some into the ear to fill the cavity, hold their head still till the fizzing stops, then take a rag to soak up the topical liquid, and let them shake themselves. Needless to say, I do this procedure outdoors... You can do the same with the camomille.

"How do you know it is not fungal and not yeasty? Have you used the Blue Power ear wash in his ears yet? If not, go for it... will clear it right up, okay?
Here's the website for the blue power ear wash... easy and cheap to make, and it works!!!!! BTW, be sure to shake it before each use! And be careful with the "undiluted" gentian violet... it stains big time! LOL!

As a shortcut, you need:

  • 16 oz isopropyl alcohol
  • 4 tbsp boric acid powder
  • 16 drops gentian violet 1% solution

Mix well in a hair dye bottle and apply to ears"

Ear Infections

I don't know if this particular vehicle will work for your pup, because of
the infections, but please take a look at