Seizures Due To Trauma

This letter was written to the list in response to an inquiry about canine seizures after head trauma.

" This answer may seem a little odd since I'm not a dog. But as I can completely relate to your issue with Winnie on so many levels, I felt compelled to respond. Plus, I have found in my own herbal practice that we can often treat our dogs in the very same way we would holistically treat ourselves with excellent results.

I have epilepsy. It is the result of scar tissue from a head trauma. 

The epileptic seizures actually did not appear until many years after the initial head trauma. I think something similar could be causing Winnie's seizures.  Now, if that's the case, there's good news. Is it possible to get a cat scan or MRI for Winnie to find out exactly what is going on?

I did not react well at all to phenobarbital or any of the other pharmaceuticals typically prescribed for seizures.  It made me toxic.

So I had to find another solution for my seizures. I am able to control them with diet, herbs and supplements and exercise and have been seizure free for over 7 years.  Since Winnie is a dog, it will actually be easier for you to help her control her seizures because she won't be tempted by things like caffeine and sugar laden desserts. Both of those things easily trigger seizures.

What she needs is for her entire neurological system to be supported. 

The Omega 3-6-9 oils are very important. These balance body electricity and help to also calm the brain activity.  So are B vitamins.  I eat only organic foods. Pesticides are very dangerous for me.  In all honesty, I've had to eliminate a lot of foods, but again, Winnie is a wonderful dog and you can easily control her diet.  I would make sure that it is organic, if possible, and human grade. In addition, she should not be getting fatty dairy foods. But yogurt should be okay.

If you can, give her B vitamin supplements.  Also a taurine supplement would be good, too. Taurine is a natural anti-convulsant.

I also would be supporting her liver, if possible, while she continues to take the phenobarbital.  You can get Milk Thistle Seed extract (in a glycerin base) and give her about 1/2 a dropperful every day.  Also lobelia drops under the tongue can be helpful, too.  Again, get it in a glycerin base. And only 2-4 drops.

If she's getting a good quality yogurt, then she's getting probiotics.

But if not, I would also give her an acidophilus/probiotics supplement.

I hope that was a little bit helpful.  My dear Labrador, Clyde, had a stroke three years ago that left him completely paralyzed and the protocol to bring him back was very similar.  He got those supplements that I listed and an all organic diet and was walking within 2 weeks and died this past February at the ripe old age of 17.

- Jennifer"