Vomiting repeatedly

Refusing food

Seizures without apparent medical reason

Recurring skin rashes

These symptoms and others might be caused by a fungus mold toxin in the commercial feed. STOP feeding your usual dry or canned commercial food immediately. (Refererence article click here). Put your animal on a 24 hour fast, then gradually re-introduce another manufacturer's food (since many manufacturers have multiple brands with same or similar ingredients).

Start feeding smaller amounts of chicken or beef broth, cooked rice and lightly boiled hamburger and/or chicken meat for a couple of days, then gradually add the new commercial food to the diet. Feeding smaller amounts twice a day is easier on your pet's stomach.

Worms and Other Parasites

Black Walnut/Wormwood Plus Anti-Parasitic. These herbs have been used to help rid the body of a wide range of worms, parasites and their eggs. Indicated to be effective against pinworms, ringworms, roundworms, tapeworms, microbial growth and parasitic activity. Contains black walnut, wormwood and cloves as recommended in Hulda Clarks' book, A Cure for All Cancers. Contents: Fresh Black Walnut hull, Wormwood herb, Sheep Sorrel herb, Quassia wood chips, freshly ground Cloves and Ginger root in a base containing concentrated Alfalfa leaf extract. 15 to 40 drops 2-4 times daily. Recommended to be used for 3 weeks consecutively for best results. Not recommended if nursing or pregnant
For more information and purchasing here is one site ( http://www.herbmed.com/bwxp.html), or you can do a general search on the internet for"Black Walnut/Wormwood Plus Anti-Parasitic"