Cushings Disease and Cranberry

Kathy Battle writes on January 31, 2001
My dog, Muffin, is 9 years old and has a rare dog disease called Cushing's Disease. One of the first symptoms of this disease is that they drink excessive amounts of water before peeing. The excessive water can cause kidney damage. I asked my vet if he thought Cranberry might help delay some of that damage. He didn't know for sure, but thought it couldn't hurt. I have been feeding her one of my pills every other day and it has reduced her water in take which is good.
The medicine for this disease is more than I can afford and very few doctors in Houston, Texas or anywhere else know much about it. However at the site of Fosters and Smith, they have information on the disease as well as treatment. <>
Muffin is half dalmation and half black lab. She will more than likely pass on sometime in the upcoming months. The disease normally kills a dog in 8-10 months when not treated or caught early. She has had the disease now for about 5 months. I was not even aware of a this illness until she was 3 months into the illness. However it is not a disease that other dogs or animals can catch.
That is my story.