The first pup to exhibit a symptom was Murphy at the time I didn’t know what was actually going on. He was in the yard with the rest of the pups and three of the adults I was washing dishes in the kitchen.
I heard him scream. He was half way across the yard when I got to him and going as fast as he could for the house, he never even saw me. When I got to him he was on the couch shaking. I checked him over quickly and couldn’t find anything. I brought the rest of the dogs in, did a quick search of the yard (for snakes) couldn’t find any thing. I made up a dilution of Aconite 30c and dosed him then checked him over thoroughly I couldn’t find a thing. At this point I thought there was a possibility that he had swallowed a Bee. That was my 1st mistake.

I dosed him 1 more time with aconite that evening. He ate but not with a lot of enthusiasm I didn’t think too much of that because of the circumstances . The next day he really didn’t appear to be “off” appetite, was draggy, so I dosed him once more then just watched. A little later in the afternoon he coughed a very breathy throat cough. I took this as a confirmation that he probably had swallowed a bee and it stung him. This was were I screwed up and believe me I did it more than once. I dosed him with Apis 30c this had the affect of antidoting the Aconite.
He didn’t eat that night and he started a low grade fever. The next day I’m trying to figure out what’s going on his condition continued to deteriorate he lost about 1/2 his body weight. Then one of his brothers started to act draggy and started to lose weight. It happens practically right before your eyes I knew then they had a virus and immediately went back on the Aconite. The next pup to show signs was Willow and I dosed her, then Leo (Teddy Bear), I dosed her and so it went .
I need to put in here and it’s very important that the only time the situation got critical was when I changed the remedy or followed up incorrectly .

When you use Aconite you dose a couple of different ways .
1. Dose every 30 to 45 minutes for up to 4 doses if after the last dose you don’t see an appreciable improvement potenize once . (recommended)
To make your remedy take 4oz. Of ozanated filtered water crush the pillule in the water and stir vigorously don’t be a wimp your stirring up the energy.. Dose with a squirt in the mouth (you can use a teaspoon but more ends up on the floor) I use a sterile 3cc syringe and just lift a lip and squirt.
To potenize take a teaspoon of your original dilution and add that to another 4oz of water stir it up and dose , if you don’t see improvement within 45 minutes to an hour then make a dilution of Sulphar 30c the same way ( if your using a dilution instead of pillules use 5 drops) dose the same.
Note here that you cannot give any citrus not even Vitamin c, it antidotes the Aconite. (Murphy, Boericke,Clark)
You can also use this propholactically and the disease will be extremely limited in scope . You probably won’t see any symptoms at all.. The pups that were treated correctly only went off their food for maybe two meals and developed slight fevers (101.6 to .8) this lasted about 12 to 16 hours. The pups treated before symptoms developed never even missed a meal and did not develop fevers.
By 5 AM on the fourth morning I had 4 pups recovered 1 that appeared to be in recovery and 3 in varying stages (please note here that the varying stages were entirely my doing, Hank had started it with the same symptom as Murphy the sharp scream, I had Spanky that had started with it and for some reasons known only to the spit and sputter of my brain I had not given him Aconite he had gone into shock during the night and I had pulled him out of it, but he had gone into shock again. I knew he was badly dehydrated so I got everything ready praying he would live long enough for me to get him to the Vet. ( I think I may have forgotten the pups were 13 weeks when this started)
Well I did and he did but my problems really began then, we got him hooked up with an IV and within 10 minutes he was sitting up looking around and wondering were he was.
His eyes were bright he did not look like a very sick pup . Now ensued a debate with my Vet. She knows I do not leave my dogs. She was willing to let me take him home (there’s a catch here) but she was trying to convince me how much better it would be if I left him, (I want you to know and I’m not kidding this contributed enormously to my losing confidence) during all this they were running tests for Parvo though I told her they had had Parvo (in fact when they started coming down with that virus at 4 weeks I had called her to let her know so that it could go in their folder) they were running blood and fecal, both came back negative, she didn’t believe it they ran both again, she still didn’t believe it and started quizzing the Tech on how she had set it up, she had her run both tests a third time.
I think you can guess, negative. She just didn’t get it here’s this actively ill pup it SHOULD be positive. Well I had another pup in the car (so she got another chance) I just wanted this pup and his brother evaluated they were doing ok Calhoun was a little dehydrated but not severe. Tyler was doing very well , she wanted to put Calhoun on an IV and send fluids home to give sub Q to Tyler if he started getting dehydrated then based on blood work from Spanky she convinced me to change Calhouns remedy, boy is hind sight 20/20 .
So I’m walking out the door convinced that I’ll never see Spanky alive again and doing this because I want to keep my Vet happy, after 12 years I thought it was more than a client , doctor relationship. But she had insinuated that if I didn’t agree to leave Spanky that she wouldn’t treat my dogs and I could just go on down the road. Also I have to be honest here I didn’t know if I could handle 2 pups with IVs and 2 pups still sick and 4 not. It didn’t make it any better or easier to walk out without that pup.
There’s really no explanation for what I did next. When I got home I changed Calhouns remedy which caused a suppression. He didn’t get better, he didn’t get worse, he just kind of hung in Limbo, I knew what it was because I had done this before a few years ago, now I thought I was really stuck ( I wasn‘t but it took me awhile to figure it out). A friend of mine called and asked if I had called another homeopathic practitioner and I said I hadn’t. When I hung up with her I did call, big mistake, don’t get me wrong here I made a choice to do something but it was based on this person having presented themselves as knowing what they were doing as far as homeopathy when in truth their case taking technique is sloppy and incomplete by that I mean they totally ignored keynotes of the illness. (a keynote is a peculiarity) anyway, I made the choice to follow the recommendation, all three pups crashed, Calhoun went deeper into suppression, Hank who had been on the verge of recovery went into suppression, Tyler who hadn’t been that sick went into suppression. It was a disaster in the making .
Hank had started the same as Murphy with a sharp scream only this time there was no doubt there was no visible exterior cause this was internal a severe pain or cramp followed by extreme fear he had had 3 doses of Aconite 30c before I changed his remedy. That’s why I believe his regression after the suppression was not as severe.
Calhoun however had already been suppressed once by me when he came out of this suppression his regression was horrible his stools had turned to pure blood. Tyler was the same on discussing this with the “Homeopath” they had me repeat the remedies on these two (thank God not on Hank) believe what follows is the equivalent of getting hit in the head with a baseball bat. Around mid morning I put both Tyler and Calhoun in the car and went back to the Vet. Her report on Spanky had been at best confusing I was losing ground fast with these three. When I got to the Vets I went into ICU to see Spanks and was (had the ground pulled out from under me is a pretty good description)how this pup had gone down! The two in the car worried me but this, he had every classic symptom of Distemper the Quivering the mucous eyes a rim of coffea ground blood around his gums he was jaundiced my Vet had accomplished this feat in less than 24 hours. He was vomiting blood and his stools were blood, she’s standing there telling me she’s never seen Parvo do this (in away I can understand this she hadn’t seen Distemper in 22 years and they never lived to this point) the amazing thing is this pup was still fighting. There ensued a horrible confrontation between me and my Vet actually that isn’t accurate I proceeded to endure a tongue lashing from her that I just couldn’t believe .
Also in the space of 45 minutes I think she repeated “I don’t have time” at least 10 times. I’m standing there tears pouring down my face wondering what it was she didn’t have time for, caring for my pup? Doing her job? Realizing that this pup was going to die and it was my fault. Tthe guilt I felt for betraying him was crushing. I wanted to take him home - it was a do or die situation. I felt I couldn’t do any worse and at least he would die at home with me. I was told, of course, I could take him home but if I did don’t ever come back. She agreed to evaluate Calhoun and Tyler which just confirmed her opinion that I didn’t know what I was doing ( which she was right at that time, I didn’t) we went home and suffered through the rest of that day and night. Around 2 AM Tyler went critical. I pulled him around at 5 AM he did it again ( the fluids he was getting sub-q weren’t being absorbed I lost him at 6. I know now what I should have done if there’s ever a next time, but there won’t be because as I stated before hind sight is 20/20. I blew, I got coldly furious. My Vet called at 8 Am she had euthanized Spanky I’d lost 2. I looked at Calhoun and thought it’s live or die. I just hope it’s not too late. I made up the Aconite and gave it to him.
After the Aconite 30c I left Calhoun asleep not really knowing what to expect. He had been through so much and was so weak, except he would get up and walk across the room I think the fact that he could still do this and that even with the severe pain I knew he was experiencing he would still try. I just had to save him I think my sanity at this point was somewhat questionable he had already been sick for going on 36 hours he was severely dehydrated coupled with blood loss, he couldn’t or wouldn’t drink I had removed his IV when his front legs swelled . I was giving him enemas of Herbs and Slippery Elm and Electrolytes (also using a 3cc syringe I was giving him B complex) he had retained quite a bit maybe ¾ of a gallon and he had passed some. So I had actually 4 things to give me hope he was absorbing fluids, he was defecating, and he was still urinating, he was still willing to get up on his feet. As I said I left him to sleep and just kept looking in on him every 10 to 15 minutes he slept for about 2 hours when he woke before he tried to do anything I gave him another enema this he just stayed put for a little and then he got up other than telling you what my perceptions were I really don’t know how to describe this he was different it was as if he had been surrounded by a black cloud and it was gone.
I went ahead and gave him another dose and let him do what he wanted which wasn’t much but there was this instead of going back into the puppy bed. He tried to get on the couch - hey whatever he wanted - he got over the next 4 to 6 hours his aspect changed bit by bit, at one point when I thought he was deeply asleep I took the other pups outside I was standing just off the porch when I felt a bump on my leg he had gotten up and come outside I didn’t know whether to jump up & down for joy (figuratively) or pick him up and carry him back into the house, instead I took a step and he went with me he went a little way into the yard and peed.
There is something that is very peculiar to Distemper. They appear to be extremely agoraphobic; this could be sensitivity to bright light, they do get severe headaches and the eye sight is effected. But this actually appears as if they were afriadof open spaces.

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